[3.6.1] Worksuite Saas Nulled – Project Management System

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[3.6.1] Worksuite Saas Nulled – Project Management System

Worksuite Nulled is a Saas-based script which helps you to create a user-friendly system to manage multiple projects in a single time. Also, admin can create tickets, events and notes for the staffs members.

Keep all the tasks of your team in one place. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. Worksuite Saas Nulled : The most powerful and easiest way to collaborate with your team.

This project management script PHP comes with a powerful admin dashboard to manage your company operations in one platform within ease.

Worksuite nulled system also integrates with the PayPal and Stripe payment gateways for collecting payments from clients.

Furthermore, the admin can examine all the task of team and employees.

Prominent Features Of Worksuite Project Management Script PHP

Powerful Admin Panel

With the powerful and robust dashboard, admin can track multiple business aspects like:

  • Total Companies Project
  • Active Projects
  • Inactive Projects
  • Total Packages
  • Total Earnings

Client Management

This script provides a separate dashboard to your clients where he can track their project status, pending payments. Further, clients can update the staff regarding additional work directly from the dashboard.

Employee Management

As an admin, you can assign a task to employees and guided him with a short description related to the project.
Meanwhile, employees can track their work with pending tasks, total work hours. Employees can also manage their attendance detail on the inbuilt calendar.

Leads Management

The admin can manage the leans of the companies which you can receive from different platforms like newsletter and contact form. Here, you can track the leads status with genuine leads, fake leads and pending list.

Worksuite Saas Nulled


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