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In the increasingly complex global business terrain, fleet managers, also known as transportation managers, play a pivotal role in any industry that moves people or manufactures, transports, or warehouses products. In addition to optimizing transportation operations (which may include selecting vehicles; hiring, training, and scheduling drivers; and overseeing vehicle maintenance and regulatory compliance), they work closely with other key departments to support the company’s mission. Becoming a successful fleet manager requires a robust combination of education, experience, skills, and knowledge. Fleet Manager Duties & Responsibilities Fleet managers are usually in charge of all facets of the transportation activities of an organization, including: Maintain departmental compliance with company policies and procedures.Ensure departmental adherence to applicable laws and regulations.Recordkeeping.Manage other employees.Schedule, route, maintain, and track transport vehicles.Negotiate with suppliers.Resolve disputes.Analyze the effectiveness of operations.Implement and enforce transportation scheduling and policy changes. Fleet Manager Nulled
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