[1.3.1] Divi Image Hotspot (Clean) Nulled v.1.3.1

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Update: v1.3 released!

This update brings two new hotspot pointer types. Now you can add your own images as a pointer element, or you can draw an invisible (or colored) area as a hotspot pointer. Watch the video below to know more about these two new features.

Update: v1.2 released!

This update brings more features and improvements as suggested by the users since the launch of the plugin. The features added are:

  • Now you can display content in Modal as well.
  • Tooltips can now be triggered via click & hover.
  • Tooltip can be static now, means it will be visible always.
  • Tooltip Position can now be altered for tablet & mobile so you can adjust the tooltip position differently for each screen size.

Create custom hotspots to make your images more informative and interactive using the Divi visual builder. Use Divi Image hotspot module to display products features, visual guides, image maps, interactive image charts and graphs in an easy and interactive way.

This plugin is 100% Visual Builder Compatible.

This plugin is 100% compatible with the Divi Visual builder, and thus creating your image hotspots is fun and easy. Simply add a new spot on the image using the repeater field and add your tooltip content and style everything right there visually, thanks to the divi visual builder.

Divi Image Hotspot (Clean) Nulled

Divi Image Hotspot

Divi Image Hotspot (Clean) Nulled 1.3.1 Download

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