[4.1.2] PayPlans Nulled – a subscription component and membership organization for Joomla

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Payplans is well integrated with the latest and modern payment gateways across the globe.

Find out what each payment gateway can do in PayPlans.

PayPlans has integrations with over 20+ applications from popular 3rd party Joomla extensions to enhance the overall user experience.

Intuitive statistics and demographics on the overall performance generated on the site.

  • Sales
    Generated sales and revenue overview
  • Subscription
    Overview of subscribed plans
  • Renewals
    Subscription renewals overview
  • Upgrades
    Subscription upgrades overview
  • Growth
    Subscription growth overview
  • Custom Date Ranges
    Display reports based on selected date range

Extensible settings for plans that allows you to own a diverse range of subscriptions and memberships on the site

  • Custom Plans
    Create free and premium plans, whether one time, recurring, trial or even lifetime subscriptions
  • Personalized Plans
    Highlight and style any plan with different badge positions, background colors & text colors
  • Plans Grouping
    Group similar plans according to their purpose or product type
  • Upgrades
    Create upgradable plans that allow users to pay only with the price difference
  • Renewals
    Create renewable plans for users to extend their existing subscriptions
  • Discounts
    Generate coupon codes as incentive to encourage user retention
  • Dynamic Modifier
    Create plans that allow plan conversion according to its title, price and time
  • Advanced Pricing
    Create plans of different quantity and price variations
  • Plan Add-ons
    Upselling plans that might interest users on top of the main subscriptions
  • Limit Subscription
    Limit number of subscriptions for each subscription status

Send reminder emails to your customers based on their subscription status and many other possible scenarios

  • Abandoned Shopping Cart
    Remind users to return and complete their orders on the site
  • Activation
    Notify users whenever their subscriptions are successfully activated
  • Expiration
    Notify users whenever their subscriptions have already expired
  • Pre Expiration
    Remind users of the expiration dates for their subscriptions.
  • Status Changed
    Notify users whenever any subscription status or invoice has changed or updated

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