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EShop Pro Nulled is a powerful & responsive Joomla Shopping Cart / e-Commerce extension. It is built based on the standard Joomla! MVC structure with many great features, user friendly and easy to customize. EShop Pro Nulled Full Features You simply install, add products, enable built-in modules, payment plugins, shipping plugins and you are ready to start accepting orders. Administrator Dashboard All the important information available at a glimpse. Get a full overview of shop information, recent orders, monthly report, top sales, top hits or recent reviews. Quick access to any store manage sections. Export data EShop allows you to exports data for your store (products / categories / manufacturers / customers / orders / Google Feeds) easily so you can use that data for other purpose out of store. Unlimited Categories Create unlimited categories / subcategories and assign products to them. Unlimited Products No Matter if you want to sell 1 or 1 000 000 products, EShop has your back. Customizable emails and messages All of notification emails and messages can be managed and customized easily as you expect. Fully Configuration Almost of EShop sections as layouts, notification emails, invoices, image size, sorting, etc can be fully configured as your expect. Reports You can keep track of sales and products of your store by dates, weeks, months or years easily with Reports system. Integration EShop is also integrated with some other systems / extensions to make it more powerful and flexible. Inventory Manager Manage stock Each product in your store has its own stock. When the stock reaches zero, the product will automatically set to out of stock. Stock status display EShop offer you to display the stock information or out of stock status of product when it is out of stock. Batch stock update This allows you to update stock of multiple products in Batch to save your time. So instead of open products one by one to update stock, you can choose multiple products from the list to update their stock just one time. Auto update stock – Low stock notification Stock of a product will be updated automatically when product is ordered. And you will get automatic notifications from your store for products that are reaching the low stock threshold. It will help you replenish the stock. Storefront Many flexible layouts / themes EShop supports a rich set of ways to browser products on the front-end side. So you can display products in grid / list / table layout OR in Joomla article OR in modules on any positions / pages that you want. You can extend / override the default theme or develop a new theme to display store as you expect. All of layouts in EShop can be also overridden from the Joomla template without losing when you update EShop in the future. Mobile-friendly, Responsive design EShop is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. It supports all of Bootstrap 2 / Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 so it is compatible with any Joomla templates. After installing EShop, you just need to publish EShop pages to the template that you are using, then go to the Configuration of EShop to choose Bootstrap version to use depends on the Bootstrap version of template. Easy find – Easy buy With EShop, customers can find the expected products easily by using filters module, quick Search module, advanced search module or via Joomla search. Easy Tax EShop allows you to setup different tax rates that apply to customers from different locations based on Geo Zone. So you can sell your products to customers from any where in your country as well as over the world. Multiple currencies support Display and sell products in multiple currencies. Allow customers to buy in the their expected currency. EShop updates the currency exchange value for you automatically. All you have to do is create the currencies and publish the currency switcher module. Multiple languages support EShop supports multilingual out of the box. Once you enable multiple languages plugin in your site, then you can enter the data in multiple language for your store. EShop has been already translated into many different languages amd ready for you to use. Compare products Customers can add products to the compare list to view their information to compare them before decide which product to buy. Wish list products and store cart When customers view products in your store, they can add products to the wish list or the cart to checkout later if they want. Powerful products Product options Options are extra selections that customers can choose for a product before adding the product to cart. Suppose that you have a fashion store, each product will need 2 options: Size and Color with some different choices for Size as S, M, L or for Color as Green, Blue, Black, etc. Then Product Options can handle that perfectly. Product attributes EShop allows you to add any information types of product and display that information to customer easily use Product Attributes feature. So customer can group these information and compare between products to find the expected products. Product tabs You can add more tabs in product details page to display more different information for each product as Videos, Attachments, Documentation, etc. easily. Product custom fields This is another powerful feature of product. So you can also add any custom information of a product as you want. Discounts & marketing Coupon code Increase sales by offering discount coupon codes. Run promotions and attract more customers by giving them discounts when checking out. Voucher code Retain customers by offering them redeemable vouchers. Offering a voucher encourages customers to come back and purchase more products. Quantity discounts Offer discounts to customers for bulk purchases. So BUY MORE to get LOWER PRICE. Customer group pricing Sell your products at different prices to different customer groups of your store. Social sharing / Invite friend Allow customers to share products to popurlar social networks. It also allow customers to invite more their friends to view and purchase the products. SEO optimized All of EShop pages on the front-end side are designed in the best way for SEO. It is using advantage of the Microdata / Rich snippet for product. One page checkout Simple & quick one-page customer checkout With EShop, the entire checkout process is painless and uses Ajax technology that walks through the customers step by step without refreshing the page. Customers can place orders quickly and with confidence. Guest checkout Besides checkout as a register user, EShop also allows customers to checkout as guest. So customers don’t need to register account or log in, they can still checkout as guest quickly. Configurable fields at checkout EShop allows you to manage which fields information to appear at the checkout easily. All most fields can be configured to show / hide as you want easily. Custom fields at checkout Besides default built-in fields, you can add more fields to collect more information from customers at checkout as you want. Very flexible and easy. Shipping Methods EShop supports multiple built-in shipping plugins which allows you to define shipping cost for your store based on different shipping rules easily. They are: Free ShippingFlat ShippingPrice ShippingItem ShippingFlat Item ShippingWeight ShippingQuantity ShippingPostcode ShippingAusPost – Postage Assesment Calculator ShippingUPS ShippingPayment Methods EShop supports many payment plugins so it can be used by everyone from any countries over the world. By default, there are 5 built-in payment plugins which are included into the EShop package core and they are ready for you to use immediately after you completed installing EShop on your site: Offline Payment (Cash on Delivery, Cheque)PayPalAuthorize.netEwayOffline Credit CardBesides default payment plugins, we also developed many payment plugins for EShop to make it useful for everyone from any countries over the world. Browse all EShop payment plugins. EShop Pro Nulled
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